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Your Guide to a Holistic Spring Detox

Simple ways you can detoxify your life all-around this Spring season for a vibrant, restored and rejuvenated you.

What are Omega-3’s?

It seems that almost everyone has heard of Omega 3 and fish oil, but few know what it really means. It’s good for your heart and helps lower cholesterol, right? But how can eating oil lower your cholesterol? This is a complicated question, but let’s simplify it. The answer to "what are omega-3's?" is quite Learn more

Why Fuss Over Sugar? Tips for a Sweeter Valentine’s Day.

Learn why you should ditch the heart-shaped candies this year, and get inspired with one of our healthier chocolate treat recipes to make this your sweetest Valentine's Day, yet!

We Were Featured on Live in the D!

In case you missed us, check out Dr. Shields and our patients, Mary and Kim, as they share their success stories. Learn about our holistic, natural approach to healthcare and what functional medicine can do for you!

New Year, New You: How to Create Goals You Can Actually Achieve

Why does it seem that our resolutions are often left behind or forgotten only a few months into the year? Stop setting vague goals that aren't successful and leave you feeling bad about yourself when you fail. Make this year different!

Don’t Let the Holidays Get the Best of You!

Holidays usually mean added stress, full schedules and holiday parties full of rich food, treats and boozy beverages that can put a screeching halt on our health. Read on to learn simple tips for managing the major struggles of the holiday season.

Comfort Foods During the Phase 1 Elimination Diet

Enjoy these "comfort foods" that are Phase-1-friendly to satisfy your craving for something hearty, warm and comforting during the colder months.

Taking Care of Yourself as the Seasons Change

Cold weather sets in. Sniffles appear. Energy dwindles as the days become shorter. Here are a few helpful, simple tips to keep your health strong in the coming months.

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