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Welcome to Integrative Wellness Centers


e believe your body is an interconnected system that works in harmony to create health. Therefore, we don’t treat your individual symptoms or use medications to cover up your symptoms. Instead, we use a patient-centered Whole Systems Approach, called Functional Medicine, that uncovers and treats the root cause of your symptoms to restore harmony and balance to your health. 

Whether you want to live your life to the highest potential or need to take back control over your health, we are here to help. If traditional medicine has let you down and you’re frustrated, you have found your answer. We have helped over a thousand patients get well. Are you going to be the next one?  

Do you suffer from:

  • Acne


  • Adrenal Issues

  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

  • Allergies

  • Arthritis

  • Asthma

  • Autoimmune Disease

  • Brain fog and memory loss

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Diabetes

  • Digestive disorders (IBD, IBS, UC, GERD/Reflux)

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Eczema or Psoriasis

  • Elevated Cholesterol

  • Environmental and Food Allergies

  • Frequent Illness

  • Female Issues (PMS, Menopause, PCOS)

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Hair loss or unwanted hair growth

  • Headaches and Migraines

  • Hot Flashes

  • Infertility

  • Inflammatory Disorders

  • Insomnia and poor sleep

  • Interstitial Cysitis

  • Mercury and Heavy Metal Toxicity

  • Memory Problems

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Restless Leg Syndrome

  • Sinus Problems

  • Thyroid Conditions

  • Vertigo

Are you ready to feel fabulous?

Stop living with fatigue, sinus/allergy issues, digestive problems, sleep troubles, depression/anxiety, weight gain and more. Schedule a no obligation FREE consultation with one of our doctors (yes an actual doctor) by clicking the button below.

Book your FREE 30-minute consult Today!

Your Health Is Our Passion

his isn’t our hobby or even our job, this is our passion! We eat, sleep and think about natural health care. Our entire team and doctors have committed their lives to being the very best they can be. We train, we practice, we brain storm together and we take this very, very seriously. We have one goal- to be the very best doctor’s office you have ever been to.

Many doctors and their teams are too busy, too distracted and not really even that healthy themselves. We walk the walk, and talk the talk. We’re not saying other doctors can’t be helpful, but if you really want to get serious about your health and take it to the next level, you’ve found the right team to help you.

We are here to serve you (we don’t work for the insurance companies), we have longer appointment times, and we accept a limited amount of patients to ensure proper care is being delivered to everyone who we are caring for.  True health comes from change, not passively receiving treatments or medications from a doctor’s office. We like to think of ourselves as your coaches, mentors and guides to a better life. We build relationships, we actually care, we hold you accountable to do what’s best for you, and most importantly, we are 100% focused on helping you in the pursuit of getting what you want…a better life!

Watch to learn more about how we help patients with functional medicine on Live in the D.


How Can Functional Medicine Transform Your Life?

Watch to discover how we can help you and what our patients have to say.

*You are about to watch a video regarding patient results. Individual results may vary.


Their professionalism, support and endless care are unmatched.
Joseph H.
I am re-energized in all areas of my life and I can accomplish more in a day than I have in years past. Thank you!
Chris R.
This is the best major step I have ever taken towards improving my own life! I cannot say enough good things about the team at IWC!
Susan C.
They truly care about your well-being and are there with you every step of the way. I would highly recommend this type of care.
Andrew S.
My health, relationships, spirituality and career path have all been propelled into a positive direction.
Barbara N.
IWC says no to band-aids and yes to getting to the root of so many health problems we turn to pills for! You won’t be sorry you took the leap and joined!
Hannah H.
All areas of my life have improved. I am excited about reaching my optimum level of health. Thank you!
Tiffany S.
I have less pain, brain fog and belly fat, as well as increased energy and optimism about my future.
Leah M.

Tired Of Being Tired?

Start finding solutions.  Explore Integrated Wellness Centers educational resources, seminars and treatment options.

Thyroid Problems

Are you experiencing weight gain, chronic fatigue, moodiness or regular headaches?  You may be one of the 20 million Americans with often undiagnosed, low thyroid function.


Learn More

Adrenal Fatigue

It can take years for your adrenal glands to fail to meet the demands of your daily life, ultimately resulting in adrenal fatigue.  Symptoms include insomnia, fatigue, depression, irritability.  Digestive difficulties are also common.


Learn More

Autoimmune/Leaky Gut

When substances normally confined to your digestive tract “leak”, escaping your intestines and entering your bloodstream your immune system attacks them.  The result is fatigue, depression, sinus problems, weight gain and other autoimmune symptoms.

Learn More

Hormonal Imbalance

Your body is a complex network of organs and glands that communicate with one another using hormones. But if any one of them under functions it can produce hormone imbalances that hurt your health.

Learn More

If you are suffering from:

  • Feeling tired and lethargic
  • Low thyroid symptoms despite normal lab tests or medications
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Bloated abdomen, poor digestion and gas, irregular bowel movements
  • Sleep issues, moodiness, difficulty concentrating
  • PMS, abnormal or painful cycles, hot flashes or menopausal concerns
  • High blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Difficulty managing your blood sugar levels, even with medications
  • Weight that’s hard to lose and keep off, even if you exercise and eat right
  • Symptoms of autoimmune disease

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Learn More About Us

Who We Are.

Founded in 2012, Integrative Wellness Centers in Livonia, Michigan, has already helped nearly 2,000 patients regain their health and vitality. In this short time, Integrative Wellness Centers has already become one of the largest functional medicine clinics in the state of Michigan.

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What We Do.

Rather than looking at the body as separate parts or systems and working to “fix” individual parts with surgeries and drugs, functional medicine sees the body as one complete being—where the function of each organ, cell and tissue works in harmony with the rest.

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How We Do It.

In our office, there are Five Pillars or fundamentals to healing the body. Through these Five Pillars, we will be able to restore your body, your mind and your wellbeing to their highest levels so that you may feel like your most vibrant self again.

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