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Brain Health
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Are you plagued with a constant feeling of anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, ADHD, brain fog, or memory problems? You are not alone. Brain health issues are very common in our society. There is an expectation to be constantly present and active with busy schedules in this day and age. If you feel like you are being held back by your mental state, this is anything but healthy.

Maybe your brain health is manageable. As in, it’s not holding you back from getting up, going to work, and being productive throughout the day. This does not mean it is not harming you. An unbalanced body leads to an unbalanced mind. If you let poor brain health go on for too long, it can lead to more serious bodily health complications such as digestive issues, headaches, and cancer. 

Prescription drugs such as anti-depressants and stimulants are not the answer to treat brain health issues. They can come with an array of unpleasant long-term side effects and do nothing to treat the root cause, sometimes making the problem worse. At Integrative Wellness Centers, we use functional medicine to find the root cause of poor brain health and cure the imbalances at the source.

Your brain and your body are an unstoppable team. When your brain health, focus, memory, and mood are not where they should be, it is your body’s way of telling you that there are underlying issues that need to be addressed. Since the brain and body have such a complex, intertwined relationship, it is difficult to know where to start on the path to healing the brain. Traditional medicine often overlooks the critical connection between the brain and the body. Integrative Wellness Centers takes a whole-body approach to treatment by taking the time and effort to intricately examine each person’s body and lifestyle to create a customized path to brain health.

Are you consumed by worry, stress, anxiety or depression?

By using advanced bio-marker testing that examine your entire body, we pinpoint exactly where the underlying problem begins so we can evaluate your journey to health. After the biotesting results come in, we determine if you will be a good candidate for our healing program. We map out your journey to whole-body health with lifestyle counseling, supplements, and the support you need to get your mind on a good path by attacking your health issues at the core. 

If you suffer from brain health issues and have been let down by traditional medicine, we at Integrative Wellness Centers can help. It’s important to seek help from a professional who understands the intricate relationship between your brain and the rest of your body’s systems. We analyze all aspects of your health in detail to find the root cause of your mental health issues and create a personalized treatment plan. We have helped hundreds of people take control of their brain health and start living the lives they deserve. See for yourself how we put the “health” and “care” back into healthcare. Call us today 734-779-1650 for a free consultation to put you on the path to regain your health.

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