Millions of Americans struggle with brain health issues for years without getting to the root cause of their symptoms. As you heard in the video these symptoms range from brain fog, insomnia, anxiety and even depression because there is something deeper going on. When brain health suffers it’s usually from something occurring not in the brain, but elsewhere in the body. Functional Medicine gets to the root cause and finds a natural solution to regain balance in the brain and the body as a whole.

One of the most common things we hear in our office is patients saying their doctors have put them on anti-depressants or multiple medications that oftentimes make things worse or cause unwanted side effects. The great thing is that instead of “side effects” we simply have additional benefits like relief from their initial concerns such as headaches, fatigue and digestive issues. Here at Integrative Wellness Centers, we have tremendous success helping people get well and stay well by using a functional medicine approach to find and address the root causes of their conditions. We are dedicated to treating each person’s body as a whole, not just masking symptoms.

89% of patients noted an improvement in their emotions such as anxiety, anger, irritability and depression. These patients made their health a priority and started looking deeper into the root causes of their brain imbalance.

In the bonus video below, Dr. Shields went live on Facebook to discuss the exact tests we run at Integrative Wellness Centers and the process the doctors do to help restore their patients brain health.

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Bonus Video: Facebook Live

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