What is Functional Medicine?

The Key to Finding The Root Cause

Functional medicine believes in taking a holistic approach to the body to find the root cause of health issues. It involves understanding and correcting symptoms from the inside out. As opposed to other approaches to medicine that view the body as separate but cohesive parts and treating individual symptoms with prescription drugs and surgeries, functional medicine sees the body as one complete being with all parts being interconnected. The health of each cell, organ, and tissue is codependent on the health of the rest of the body.

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If you have sought help from conventional medicine only to continue to suffer, functional medicine can help

Don’t leave your most valuable asset, your health, up for interpretation. At Integrative Wellness Centers, we take the extra steps to pinpoint the root causes of your symptoms. Our bio-marker testing methods may include comprehensive blood testing, holistic lab testing, and genetic testing. We go beyond traditional blood panel testing used by conventional medicine practices to find the root cause of your symptoms and uncover exactly why you are experiencing your symptoms. From there, we map out a customized plan so you can regain your health.

Why choose Integrative Wellness Centers?

Patients seek our help because they are suffering from:

Reason 1

Reason #1: Science-based approach

We don’t guess we test. Our in-depth testing allows us to see what it is that is wrong. We can then explain why it is happening, and how it is happening, and how it is we can help you fix it.

Reason 2

Reason #2: We don’t fight disease and illness, we promote health

All too often doctors are focused on naming or treating disease or symptoms but spend little if any time explaining to patients what they can do to take back control of their lives.

Reason 3

Reason #3: Real life patient results

We have a proven system that has helped over a thousand patients get well and stay well. Our team of doctors is dedicated to staying up to date with the current research and the most advanced natural treatment methods available. We are continually expanding our knowledge to better serve you.

Reason 4

Reason #4: Much more than your typical doctor’s office

We don’t simply recommend supplements and a few dietary changes, but we encourage you to learn a new approach to life. We offer cooking classes, grocery store tours, wellness workshops, nutritional and wellness coaching, we have a lending library of suggested movies, and even assign homework. This really can be a mind-body-spirit transformation ~ we empower you to take ownership of your health!

Proven Results

Combining advanced diagnostic testing, a research based approach, patient centered healthcare and a dedicated team ensures your results.

50 randomly selected patients who had been under care for an average of five months Reported:

98 % of patients improved overall health

69% improvement in memory and focus

67% improvement in energy

60% improvement in sleep

46% reduction in inflammation

76% improvement in digestive health

67% improvement in anxiety and depression

Functional Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

Functional Medicine


It treats symptoms by addressing underlying cause of the problem, which leads to more profound and longer lasting results.


Treats the body as an interconnected whole and recognizes the importance of these connections in health and disease.


Treatments have mild or no side effects, and other unrelated complaints often improve spontaneously.


Treats the patient, not the disease. Treatments are highly individualized based on patient’s needs.


Patient is respected, empowered, educated, and encouraged to play an active role in the healing process.


Combines the best of both modern and traditional medicines and emphasizes the importance of diet and lifestyle.


Tests and treatments designed to promote optimal function, prevent and reverse disease, and improve quality of life.


Guided by the saying of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”


Based on the latest research from peer-reviewed medical journals. Cost are sometimes are higher initially but substantial savings can occur because of liberation from conventional medicine.

Conventional Medicine


Masks or suppresses symptoms, but does not address underlying cause, which creates “patients for life.”


Views the body as a collection of separate parts, each of which has its own doctor (i.e. cardiologist, podiatrist, etc.).


Treatments have side effects and complications.


Treats the disease, not the patient. Patients with the same disease get the same treatment, regardless of their differences.


Patient’s opinion is often discounted or ignored, little time is spent on education, and patient may be discouraged from playing active role.


Relies almost exclusively on drugs and surgery, in spite of their risks and complications.


Tests and treatments designed to prevent death and manage serious disease, without dealing with the underlying cause.


Focused on managing disease after it has already reached an irreversible state.


Heavily influenced by pharmaceutical and insurance companies who want to keep people dependent on their products and services. Designed to create a greater dependence the sicker you become, therefore gets more costly the longer you participate.

Redefining healthcare

You deserve better care. At Integrative Wellness Centers, we don’t fight illness and disease. Instead, we promote health throughout the entire body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for me to treat my condition naturally and stop taking my medications?

It is possible to treat your condition naturally and manage your symptoms through natural supplements and even dietary changes, but stopping medications depends on the type of patient, their medical history, and the type of medication. It is not ultimately our place to take patients on or off medications, that is up to their primary care doctor, but we have successfully helped many patients manage their symptoms and wean off certain medications gradually over time.

I live out of state or I don’t live in the Detroit area. Can you still help me with my health concerns?

Yes! If you live over two hours from our office, we offer phone or video appointments. We are accepting patients from every state except patients who reside in New York, New Jersey, Hawaii or Rhode Island. We are not currently accepting patients who don't live in the United States.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans through CareCredit. CareCredit offers up to 18 months at 0% interest. Payment plans can be as low as $125 a month. You can apply online for CareCredit or call (800) 365-8295.

What are your fees?

Initial consultation (20-30 minutes): $0 – we never charge someone to discover how we may be able to help. Care Fee: Initial care plans can involve one visit or multiple visits over a 4-7 month time frame. Cost can range from $1000-6,000. Our care plans can include nutraceuticals, visits with your Doctor, help from our Wellness Coach, lab reviews, case review, Wellness Workshops, additional materials such as your food journal, workbook, cookbook, and finally, emails and phone calls directly to your care team between visits.

Can I use my flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) for your services?

In most cases, your care here will be covered through a FSA or a HSA. However, we recommend you contact your account coordinator to ensure that your plan will cover your expenses.

Do you accept insurance?

Medical insurance does not pay for care that is based on supplements and dietary changes. Because insurance is not involved it allows us to treat patients naturally and in the manner in which we have found to be most effective.

What kind of testing might the doctor recommend?

The majority of patients are recommended to take a comprehensive blood test evaluating over 75 different bio-markers and all of the primary organ systems of the body. The doctor will also recommend additional testing depending on your unique case and goals. The testing we offer can include but are not limited to a stool test, a hormone test, a food sensitivity test or in depth nutritional test.

What is the next step after the consultation?

If your case is accepted and you are admitted to care, the next step is to complete the testing your doctor ordered, schedule your next visit to go over the test results. At your next scheduled visit you will then start your first nutraceutical protocol and get recommended dietary changes.

What can I expect during my consultation?

Your consultation will be scheduled for 30 minutes but the total time you are in the clinic can take 40-90 minutes total. During your consultation we will let you know if we can accept your case and admit you to care. In order to accept your case we will need to first, determine if we can help you and secondly, make sure you are willing and able to do what it takes in order for us to help you. If those two requirements are met and your case is admitted we will go over the required testing, care plan outline and financial obligations of your specific care plan.

What should I do first?

You can schedule a free consultation or you can take the Online Health Evaluation to instantly discover what systems of your body are the cause of your health issues.

How do you want to improve your health?

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