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Founded in 2012, Integrative Wellness Centers in Livonia, Michigan, has already helped nearly 2,000 patients regain their health and vitality. In this short time, Integrative Wellness Centers has already become one of the largest functional medicine clinics in the state of Michigan.

Led by Author, Educator and Founder Josh Shields D.C., C.F.M.P., our doctors and team are leading a Wellness Revolution, advancing a new model of health care by pioneering cutting edge treatments utilizing Functional Medicine.  Our team of health professionals is dedicated to helping you get your life back, naturally, effectively and safely.


Our Core Values

1. We believe that the human body was designed to be a self healing, self regulating organism that is controlled by an innate intelligence that is beyond our understanding.  The problem is most standard medical care tries to overpower or manipulate this innate intelligence, instead of working with it, which leads to side effects and long term health issues.

2. We believe we were designed to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives. Our bodies thrive when they are in a healthy environment, when we have good thoughts, good words and good actions.

3. We believe knowledge is power, but only when coupled with action.  The biggest gap between the healthy vs. the unhealthy, is the access to the right information, the lack of proper action and the ability to apply it consistently.

4. We believe standard medical care is necessary and beneficial, for some, acute illness or injury but is fundamentally wrong when it comes to the creation and maintenance of true health.

5.  We believe, true health comes from the absence of stress.  Stress comes in four forms: Physical, emotional, environmental and biological.  When we are exposed to these stressors for a long period of time it can create a state of ‘Dis’- lack of, ‘Ease’- harmony. Lack of harmony can eventually lead to disease. In our office we have fashioned our care to embrace Thomas Edison’s quote “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and the prevention of disease.”

6. We believe in offering a world class health care team and process that helps people take back control of their health and enables them to  design and create the lives they deserve.

7. We believe true health is a process. It does not come with one single event or finding a quick fix to a long term problem. Health is a process that requires goals, self discipline and consistency.

8. We believe in the relentlessness pursuit to become the best versions of ourselves in order to serve our patients at the highest level.

Our Team

Josh Shields DC, CFMP
Josh Shields DC, CFMPDoctor
Paul Simmons DC, CFMP
Paul Simmons DC, CFMPDoctor
Suzanna Paris ND, CFMP
Suzanna Paris ND, CFMPDoctor
Janelle Mackowiak DC, ND, CFMP
Janelle Mackowiak DC, ND, CFMPDoctor
Rachel Wahl, INHC
Rachel Wahl, INHCCertified Wellness Coach
Julie Stinebiser
Julie StinebiserOffice Administrator
Kristi Morkert
Kristi MorkertPatient Advocate
Linda Reynolds
Linda ReynoldsPatient Advocate