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Founded in 2012, Integrative Wellness Centers in Livonia, Michigan, has already helped nearly 2,000 patients regain their health and vitality. In this short time, Integrative Wellness Centers has already become one of the largest functional medicine clinics in the state of Michigan.

Led by Author, Educator and Founder Josh Shields D.C., C.F.M.P., our physicians and team are leading a Wellness Revolution, advancing a new model of health care by pioneering cutting edge treatments utilizing Functional Medicine.  Our team of health professionals is dedicated to helping you get your life back, naturally, effectively and safely.


Our Team

Josh Shields DC, CFMP
Josh Shields DC, CFMPPhysician
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Paul Simmons DC, CFMP
Paul Simmons DC, CFMPPhysician
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Suzanna Paris ND, CFMP
Suzanna Paris ND, CFMPPhysician
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Janelle Mackowiak DC, ND, CFMP
Janelle Mackowiak DC, ND, CFMPPhysician
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Rachel Wahl, INHC
Rachel Wahl, INHCCertified Wellness Coach
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Alexis Lober
Alexis LoberOffice Manager
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Julie Stinebiser
Julie StinebiserOffice Administrator
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Ellen Ernst
Ellen ErnstRegistered Nurse & Wellness Consultant
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Kristi Morkert
Kristi MorkertPatient Advocate
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Linda Reynolds
Linda ReynoldsPatient Advocate
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Emma Hubbard
Emma HubbardPatient Advocate
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What We Do.

Rather than looking at the body as separate parts or systems and working to “fix” individual parts with surgeries and drugs, functional medicine sees the body as one complete being—where the function of each organ, cell and tissue works in harmony with the rest.

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How We Do It.

In our office, there are Five Pillars or fundamentals to healing the body. Through these Five Pillars, we will be able to restore your body, your mind and your wellbeing to their highest levels so that you may feel like your most vibrant self again.


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