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Our Approach

How do you help restore my health?

In our office, there are Five Pillars or fundamentals to healing the body. Through these Five Pillars, we will be able to restore your body, your mind and your wellbeing to their highest levels so that you may feel like your most vibrant self again.








Create a Healthier Mindset

• Develop self-care and stress management tools

• Adapt new, healthier ways of thinking about yourself, your health, and your story

• Cultivate love and respect for yourself and your accomplishments

• Break away from toxic relationships

• Learn to relax deeply and let go of worry

• Be focused on the present moment

• Be mindful of your thoughts and how they may be hurting you

• Make sure you have connection with others

• Focus on your spirituality and/or emotional well being

• We offer, in clinic, Mindful Meditation classes and Wellness Workshops, designed to help you with stress reduction, self-care and social connectivity

Heal the Gastrointestinal System

• Conduct diagnostic testing to assess your gut health

• Address food sensitivities, unwanted parasites, bacteria and yeast

• Ensure nutritional deficiencies are addressed and treated

• Repair and heal the gut through enzymes, probiotics and key nutrients to restore proper digestion, elimination, and cellular function

• Introduce a whole-food, phytonutrient dense diet to eliminate symptoms and facilitate healing

Improve Detoxification and Cellular Repair

• Conduct diagnostic testing to assess detoxification, liver function, inflammation, environmental pollutants and heavy metals

• Ensure waste and hormones are being properly eliminated from the body

• Support the body’s detoxification through the use of phytonutrients, amino acids, alkaline drinks, vitamins and minerals

• Assess your exposure to toxins through foods, cosmetics, personal care products, etc.

• Test for genetic impairments that may hinder proper detoxification

Address Hormonal and Neurochemical Imbalances

• Conduct diagnostic testing to assess hormonal imbalances such as insulin resistance, thyroid dysfunction, sex hormone imbalance and adrenal insufficiencies

• Diet, exercise, stress management, natural hormone therapies, nutrient support and herbal therapies are among the most effective tools we use to help patients achieve neurochemical (serotonin, dopamine, etc.) and hormonal balance.

Improve Physical Well-being

• We encourage exercise to promote optimal detoxification, healthy weight, respiration of oxygen, hormonal health, muscle tone, posture, nervous system function, stress management, mental well-being, and so much more!

• Recommendations given in accordance with your unique health issues and goals

• We offer, in clinic, yoga classes to encourage physical movement and also to eliminate the barriers of getting active and trying something new!

A Proven Process That Works!

Step One

During your initial Health Consultation, you will sit down one-on-one with the doctor to discuss your primary concerns and complaints, and find out how we may best serve you. The doctor will go over the primary testing recommended for you as well as answer any of your questions about how it is that we may be able to help you.

Step Two

By utilizing extensive diagnostic testing, we are able to uncover the root causes behind your symptoms in order to accurately target and heal physiological systems. All testing is completely non-invasive, natural and safe.

Step Three

The start of your initial care plan. Your doctor will provide you with a workbook, journal and cookbook to assist you in your journey. The Doctor will also discuss recommended supplements, glandulars and nutritional plans to target key symptoms, promote healing, and restore balance. Initial treatment plans can be 1 visit or several visits over a 6 month time period. The important thing to know is we are here to find a way to make this work for you.

Step Four

Now that you have gotten well, it’s time to stay well. This step will ensure a lifetime of optimal, lasting health. You’ve invested a lot in yourself up until this point, so protect that investment and the one thing that matters most—you! Continued visits with your doctor as well as our wellness coach (if you choose) will ensure your diet, lifestyle and physiological systems remain in balance and that you are on-track with your targeted health goals for life.


Wellness Coaching for an effortless transition into healthier living

We also offer wellness coaching. With our Certified Wellness Coach, Rachel, she will be able to support you with all the small details and questions that arise along the way in the journey towards greater health. Offered as a separate service from your care plan, Rachel is here to help you along your journey if you are interested in broadening and enhancing your care with the doctor.

Nutrition Consultations

Customized guidance involving recipes, shopping guides, meal plans and meal-prep tips designed to transition you into a lifetime of delicious, healthy eating with ease. Each session takes into account your unique food intolerance, allergies, and dietary preferences. 

Pantry Makeover

In-home session designed to discover hidden toxins in your food, understand food labels, explore healthier alternatives to the foods you enjoy, and re-stock your pantry to reflect balanced, healthy eating.

Wellness Coaching

Discover ways to implement your doctor’s recommendations into your unique lifestyle, eliminate roadblocks, reduce stress and restore balance. Sessions include setting the intention for your overall wellness goals and creating attainable action steps to get there, as well as customized recommendations, recipes, tips and resources to assist you in your journey on a holistic level. 

Grocery Store Tour (included in your treatment plan!)

Learn how to make the most mindful choices at the store, avoid hidden sugars and food toxins, understand confusing food labels and nutrition panels, how to save $$ at the store, and our picks for the best products and brands you can buy for optimal health. Tours are held monthly in both workshop format and in-store.

Healthy Cooking Class

Join our interactive food demo and cooking class to learn time-saving tricks and meal prep pointers to navigate your new healthy way of eating with a breeze. Learn how much you can accomplish in just one hour in your kitchen and gain ideas for creative ways to eat a delicious, balanced diet. Enjoy sampling and refreshments as several recipes are prepared for you along with take-home recipe cards.

Community Wellness Events

Whether it’s yoga, Pilates or meditation classes right here in our office, seasonal 5K runs/walks, or local fitness opportunities, our Wellness Coach is here to connect you with the very best events in the community to help keep your health on-track!

What our patients are saying

No more headaches and fatigue. Improved sleep and more active. End Result…lost 95 pounds lost and bright future!.

…I had been living with other problems as well such as constant headaches and poor sleep. I had come to settle for a lower level of health and wellness. It never occurred to me that all of my symptoms were related. I always felt tired and had bad eating habits. I decided that I needed to lose weight but could barely exercise. After starting my treatment plan with Dr. Josh, I started feeling more energetic and was able to exercise… The weight started to melt away. A year and a half later I found myself 95 pounds lighter, feeling and looking like a new person!
Sandy G.

Terrible sinus issues, lots of inflammation, high cholesterol and sleepless nights

For the last three years I have exercised an average of 3 to 4 times a week, but my weight continued to climb. I was also having sever sinus issues, high cholesterol and I would lie in bed at night and stare at the ceiling most times. I had terrible inflammation in my knees and back. After meeting with Dr. Shields I decided to invest in his care plan and try and overcome some of my health issues. Best decision I have ever made, except for marrying my beautiful wife. After only 3 months I lost 36 pounds and I have more energy with no more pain in my knees or back. My sinuses are a non-issue now and most nights I have to be woken up by my alarm clock. Recently when I went to my doctor he took me off my cholesterol medication and asked what I had done to get such great numbers. This has changed my life. Thank you Dr. Shields. Chris R

Sudden Weight Gain, Constipation, Poor Digestion and Skin Troubles

In just 2 months, I had gained 30 pounds, and my diet and exercise had not changed. I also had digestive issues, skin problems, water retention, and a number of other issues. Doctors decided to “fix” my symptoms by putting me on laxatives and water pills since they were unable to find anything medically wrong with me. Dr. Josh recommended that I take the Functional Health Assessment, and that is where all of my health issues were revealed. By following up with nutritional consultations, simply changing my diet, and taking supplements I have lost over 20 pounds, and I’m feeling better than ever! I’m still amazed at what a profound effect your diet can have on your overall health.
Laurie F.

Undiagnosed thyroid problem, menstrual issues, fatigue and severe allergies/sinuses

Throughout my adult life I had dealt with several issues like fatigue, irregular and heavy periods, severe sinus headaches and allergies. I had always struggled with my weight even as a young girl, I always thought it was that I took after my mom. I had told the doctor several times to look at my thyroid because I had all the symptoms of low thyroid and my mother had been diagnosed hypothyroid. But every time the doctors would test my thyroid they would always say it was in normal range. I even had a doctor tell me I needed to exercise more, I was already exercising an hour a day 6 days a week and sometimes 7 (much more than what I think the doctor was currently doing). Even with all that exercise for an entire year I had only lost 10 lbs. I was introduced to Integrative Wellness through a friend and met with Dr. Shields. After meeting with him I decided to get the testing and it revealed I had an autoimmune disease of my thyroid called Hashimoto’s. I also discovered I had significant food allergies and extremely high levels of inflammation (doctor told me that means damage to the cells in my body). Finally I had found answers to why I felt the way I felt. I knew there was more to my health issues than the typical excuses like “it’s just that you’re getting older” or my favorite “it’s just the way it is and you’re going to have to deal with it.” I knew it wasn’t all in my head. Following Dr. Shields’ recommendations to the “T” after 8 months I was actually skinny for the first time in my adult life. I had lost 60 lbs, I was down from 184 to 124. I hadn’t seen that number since I was in junior high school, now mind you it took a lot of work and commitment. I am not going to tell you it was easy but it was worth it. My menstrual cycles are normal now, my digestion is perfect and I haven’t reached for an allergy or sinus medication since I started care. I finally feel like I am in control of my health, I have been given the answers and a set of rules that I know if I follow them I can continue on this path.
Jane C

Heavy Menstrual Cycles, Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, and High Body Fat

“When I first saw Dr. Shields, I wasn’t able to sleep more than 2 to 4 hours without waking up and unable to go back to sleep. My hormones and emotions were ‘out of whack’, my menstrual cycle was up to 8 days long, abnormally heavy and every 2 weeks. Plus my blood pressure was sometimes over 140/100 and I just didn’t feel well. Thanks to Dr. Shields, now my life and health are so much better. I sleep the entire night – 7 to 8 hours uninterrupted. My menstrual cycle is completely normal now and my blood pressure today was the lowest it’s been in years – 118/76. And as a bonus I have lost 9% body fat…. It’s amazing that all of this has happened in only two and a half months!
Frances B.

Off all diabetic medications! Increase in energy and mood!

“Even though I was taking metformin and occasional insulin injections my blood sugar was averaging around 230 mg/dl. I had tried dieting and exercise but I could never make any ground. I was scared for my life and needed help, I even started having pain in my feet and the doctors warned me that may be the sign of nerve damage. I needed to do something and do it fast…after some testing we found that my liver was only functioning at half of its capacity, my toxic panel showed extremely high toxins, and I was severely depleted of my antioxidants. I couldn’t believe how easily things started to change for me. I lost 35 pounds in 3 months, and my sugar levels were becoming stable averaging 130 mg/dl with only metformin. After 3 more months now I am completely off my medications and have lost a total of 50 pounds. I have more energy than I ever have and my mood has changed from depression to unbelievable excitement about my future. I can’t say enough, this program really has saved my life.”
Nancy S.

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