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If you don’t find the real causes behind your blood sugar struggles — even if you are taking medications , you are still at an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, nerve problems, vision loss and premature death.

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During our FREE Diabetes Webinar You Will Discover:

  • A treatment approach many believe is more powerful than any drug known to modern science
  • A unique clinical approach that allows diabetes to reverse over time
  • Many patients have walked away from Insulin for life
  • What crucial tests you are missing
  • How current treatments and common drugs may be causing diabetes to get worse over time
  • The role of your gut and your immune system play in your diabetes
  • A seminar event that many patients have called “life changing

Discover how new scientific research is allowing diabetes sufferers to take back control of their life and their health. Sign up today!

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We Are Now Offering Phone or Video Appointments


"Even though I was taking metformin and occasional insulin injections my blood sugar was averaging around 230 mg/dl. I had tried dieting and exercise but I could never make any ground. I was scared for my life and needed help, I even started having pain in my feet and the doctors warned me that may be the sign of nerve damage. I needed to do something and do it fast...after some testing we found that my liver was only functioning at half of its capacity, my toxic panel showed extremely high toxins, and I was severely depleted of my antioxidants. I couldn't believe how easily things started to change for me. I lost 35 pounds in 3 months, and my sugar levels were becoming stable averaging 130 mg/dl with only metformin. After 3 more months now I am completely off my medications and have lost a total of 50 pounds. I have more energy than I ever have and my mood has changed from depression to unbelievable excitement about my future. I can't say enough, this program really has saved my life."

Nancy S.

"Let me start by saying I have attended a lot of different health seminars, being a nurse, and I have to say Dr. Shields is the best presenter I've seen. He has a way of making the information fun, relatable and understandable. You can truly feel his passion and can tell he loves to teach people about Functional Medicine and the life changing affects it can have. If you have a chance to attend one of Dr. Shields' seminars, GO! You won't regret it."

Katherine S. R.N.

Presented by Dr. Josh Shields

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About The Doctor

Dr. Josh Shields graduated from Logan Chiropractic College in 2003 as a licensed chiropractor. After a few years of practice, he became inspired by his own health challenges to continue his education. He is now a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and has traveled across the country as a consultant and educator, teaching other professionals how to practice 'root cause' medicine. Dr. Shields is recognized as an industry leader for pioneering and developing natural programs geared toward helping people reverse chronic diseases and assisting 'healthy' individuals who want to become healthier. Don’t be surprised if you see doctors from other clinics spending the day and doing rounds trying to discover why Dr. Shields’ care is so effective. Dr. Shields has been helping patients for over thirteen years and has been featured as an expert on several health and wellness topics for Fortune 500 companies like GE Capital and Comerica Bank. He has also been featured multiple times on NBC’s 'Live In The D.' He and his wife have three children and currently live in Northville, Michigan.

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