Restoring natural balance to your body is more beneficial than trying to medicate your diagnosis.
- Dr. Josh Shields

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Lost 40 pounds and no more fatigue! Plus, off sinus and allergy medications!

I attended Dr. Shields’ workshop on a whim. When I saw he was focused on the “how” and “why” of good health and nutrition, not just the “what”, I realized I had found the right program.

In 147 days I went from being dangerously over weight and exhausted (BMI of 30.8) to being healthy and happy (BMI of 24.2). (That’s 30 pounds if you are wondering) I was taking 6 pills a day for weeks on end to keep allergies at bay and sinus infections in check. I have had to take only one antihistamine in the last 90+ days.

Laura D.

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