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Your Path To Wellness

Solving Your Health Challenges Begins With Asking The Right Questions

With the confidential online health evaluation you answer a series of key diagnostic questions designed to help us identify the underlying cause of your symptoms.
The results provide you with immediate feedback and are also sent to us for review.

Your Complimentary Office Visit

This 45 minute session with an IWC Doctor includes:

  • Deeper Diagnostics and Evaluation – Your Doctor will review the results of your online evaluation, examine you and careful listen as you describe your situation and history.
  • Ask Questions and Get Answers – You’ll have an opportunity to ask anything and get informed professional guidance.
  • Discuss Your Options – Based on the information from this session, your doctor may refer you to other resource(s) or explain how you can benefit from going to the next step with IWC treatment.

Pinpointing The Root Cause

We give you advanced testing blood labs that go far beyond identifying your typical markers.  You get a complete and comprehensive testing spectrum.  It’s designed to leave no stone unturned and provides clarity into the real underlying cause(s) of your unique condition.

Most important, your advanced test results allow us to provide you with the most effective treatment possible.

Restoring Your Personal Health

The goal is of your Integrated Wellness Treatment Plan is not only to eliminate your symptoms quickly, help you take control of your health. Your treatment may include:

  • Personal Education, Resources & Support – To teach you exactly how to manage and overcome your condition. We provide you with journals, cookbooks and personal checklists.   You also receive email and phone support.
  • Personal Diet & Supplementation – To correct nutrient deficiencies with the proper types and amounts of nutrients, vitamins, probiotics and anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Re-testing & Refinement – To track your progress and refine your treatment, we re-test you in 2 -4 months. It gives you additional confidence and motivation when you see the quantifiable difference your treatment is making.

Why Choose Us

      • Track record of excellence
      • Team centered approach
      • Patients come first
      • Pioneer in Functional Medicine
      • On a mission to put patients in control of their health.

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