Naturally, Safely and Effectively

Are you ready to begin your journey to optimal health?

Your Health Is Our Passion!

This isn’t our hobby or even our job, this is our passion! We eat, sleep and think about natural health care. Our entire team and doctors have committed their lives to being the very best they can be. We train, we practice, we brain storm together and we take this very, very seriously.  We have one goal- to be the very best doctor’s office you have ever been to.

Many doctors and their teams are too busy, too distracted and not really even that healthy themselves.  We walk the walk, and talk the talk. We’re not saying other doctors can’t be helpful, but if you want really want to get serious about your health and take it to the next level, you’ve found the right team to help you.

We aren’t distracted by insurance companies’ forms and requirements (we don’t participate), we have longer appointment times, and we only take as many patients as we can handle to ensure proper care is being delivered to everyone who we are seeing.   If you are looking for a doctor’s office who is going to solve your health issues with a couple magic pills, keep looking (and keep us posted if you find them).

We are more concerned about what it is that YOU’RE doing on a daily basis more than what we are doing TO you. True health comes from change, not passively receiving treatments or medications from a doctor’s office. We like to think of ourselves as your coaches, mentors and guides to a better life. We build relationships, we actually care, we hold you accountable to do what’s best for you, and most importantly, we are 100% focused on helping you in the pursuit of getting what you want…a better life!

Why choose Integrative Wellness Centers?

Reason #1: Science-based approach

We don’t guess we test. Our in-depth testing allows us to see what it is that is wrong. We can then explain why it is happening, and how it is happening, and how it is we can help you fix it.

Reason #2: We don’t fight disease and illness, we promote health

All too often doctors are focused on naming or treating disease or symptoms but spend little if any time explaining to patients what they can do to take back control of their lives.

Reason #3: Real life patient results

We have a proven system that has helped over a thousand patients get well and stay well. Our team of doctors is dedicated to staying up to date with the current research and the most advanced natural treatment methods available. We are continually expanding our knowledge to better serve you.

Reason #4: Much more than your typical doctor’s office

We don’t simply recommend supplements and a few dietary changes, but we encourage you to learn a new approach to life. We offer cooking classes, grocery store tours, wellness workshops, nutritional and wellness coaching, we have a lending library of suggested movies, and even assign homework. This really can be a mind-body-spirit transformation ~ we empower you to take ownership of your health!

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare in that it works to understand and correct symptoms from the inside out. Rather than looking at the body as separate parts or systems and working to “fix” individual parts with surgeries and drugs, functional medicine sees the body as one complete being—where the function of each organ, cell and tissue works in harmony with the rest. By balancing the body’s systems and adjusting lifestyle issues that contribute to illness and disease, whole-body healing is found.

From chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension, to autoimmune disease and hormonal imbalance, down to anxiety, depression, allergies and more, functional medicine seeks to find the root cause of health issues. Whether you are experiencing insomnia, weight gain, aches and pains or fatigue, there is a root cause behind your suffering which functional medicine aims to identify and heal.

When these underlying dysfunctions behind your symptoms are addressed through diagnostic testing, we work to restore proper function through using targeted lifestyle changes, nutritionally balanced eating and a customized supplement program. We work to restore proper function while reducing symptoms and the need for medication.

In other words, we do not only restore health, but we help restores LIFE—naturally, safely and effectively.


Why would you guess with your most important asset, your health? There are millions of things you could do or take to try and get well, but without testing you are simply guessing. As a Functional Medicine clinic, we test and never guess what your body needs. This will give you the best chance to succeed.

We don’t run just your basic blood test that your doctor runs once a year. Our testing may include comprehensive blood testing, holistic lab testing and genetic testing to help you discover where the imbalances in your body exist. We seek to identify the root cause for your loss of function, and discover the “why” behind your suffering.

In order to help you, we need to answer 3 fundamental questions:
– What is dysfunctional?
– Why is the dysfunction happening?
– And most importantly, how do we correct the dysfunction?

No quick fixes, no gimmicks, and no magical cures. We use scientifically accepted protocols that help accelerate the healing process by offering you natural and targeted solutions based on your unique health picture. No “one size fits all” approach here!

Functional Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

Functional Medicine

    It treats symptoms by addressing underlying cause of the problem, which leads to more profound and longer lasting results.

    Treats the body as an interconnected whole and recognizes the importance of these connections in health and disease.

  • SAFE
    Treatments have mild or no side effects, and other unrelated complaints often improve spontaneously.

    Treats the patient, not the disease. Treatments are highly individualized based on patient’s needs.

    Patient is respected, empowered, educated, and encouraged to play an active role in the healing process.

    Combines the best of both modern and traditional medicines and emphasizes the important of diet and lifestyle.

    Tests and treatments designed to promote optimal function, prevent and reverse disease, and improve quality of life.

    Guided by the saying of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

    Guided by the saying of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

    Based on the latest research from peer-reviewed medical journals. Cost are sometimes are higher initially but substantial savings can occur because of liberation from conventional medicine.

Conventional Medicine

    Masks or suppresses symptoms, but does not address underlying cause, which creates “patients for life.”

    Views the body as a collection of separate parts, each of which
    has its own doctor (i.e. cardiologist, podiatrist, etc.).

    Treatments have side effects and complications.

    Treats the disease, not the patient. Patients with the same disease get the same treatment, regardless of their differences.

    Patient’s opinion is often discounted or ignored, little time is spent on education, and patient may be discouraged from playing active role.

    Relies almost exclusively on drugs and surgery, in spite of their risks and complications.

    Tests and treatments designed to prevent death and manage serious disease, without dealing with the underlying cause.

    Focused on managing disease after it has already reached an irreversible state.

    Heavily influenced by profit-driven pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Designed to create a greater dependence the sicker you become, therefore gets more costly the longer you participate.

A Proven Process That Works!

Step One

During your initial Health Consultation, you will sit down one-on-one with the doctor to discuss your primary concerns and complaints, and find out how we may best serve you. The doctor will go over the primary testing recommended for you as well as answer any of your questions about how it is that we may be able to help you.

Step Two

By utilizing extensive diagnostic testing, we are able to uncover the root causes behind your symptoms in order to accurately target and heal physiological systems. All testing is completely non-invasive, natural and safe.

Step Three

The start of your initial care plan. Your doctor will provide you with a workbook, journal and cookbook to assist you in your journey. The Doctor will also discuss recommended supplements, glandulars and nutritional plans to target key symptoms, promote healing, and restore balance. Initial treatment plans can be 1 visit or several visits over a 6 month time period. The important thing to know is we are here to find a way to make this work for you.

Step Four

Now that you have gotten well, it’s time to stay well. This step will ensure a lifetime of optimal, lasting health. You’ve invested a lot in yourself up until this point, so protect that investment and the one thing that matters most—you! Continued visits with your doctor as well as our wellness coach (if you choose) will ensure your diet, lifestyle and physiological systems remain in balance and that you are on-track with your targeted health goals for life.

How do you help restore my health?

In our office, there are Five Pillars or fundamentals to healing the body. Through these Five Pillars, we will be able to restore your body, your mind and your wellbeing to their highest levels so that you may feel like your most vibrant self again.