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7 Day Keto Meal Guide

If you have picked up a health magazine or scrolled through Facebook recently chances are you’ve heard the term Keto or Ketogenic Diet being thrown around. There is a lot buzz surrounding this diet recently because of its benefits such as weight loss, reducing type 2 diabetes and tons of mental clarity throughout the day. You might be wondering what does this style of eating entail and is this sustainable for your lifestyle.

Let’s dive into what the ketogenic diet is, the pros, the cons and if this is the right health move for you by reading our

Full blog post HERE: Ketogenic Diet..Is it for you?

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If you’re tired of running on the hamster wheel of health, we recommend you take a more holistic, natural approach to healing and seek help from a board-certified functional medicine practitioner (C.F.M.P.) who is trained to look at all aspects of your health.

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