Are Your Supplements What They Say They Are?

Unfortunately the production of supplements for the purpose of general health is not regulated nearly as well as if should be. This fact was brought to light when the New York Attorney General conducted an investigation on herbal supplements from GNC, Walmart, Walgreens and Target. What was found is shocking. In 4 out of 5 Learn more


Adjusting to a Healthy Diet – Your Body WILL Detoxify!

It takes time to be comfortable with the changes in your life no matter what those changes are, and your diet is no exception to that. It is not unusual to feel physically uncomfortable as you detoxify in the process of making over your body chemistry with a healthful diet-as strange as that seems! The more stimulating or harmful your prior habits, the worse you feel when you stop them. When breaking your addiction to salt, meat, dairy, saturated fat, processed foods and other substances, you might feel headachy, fatigued, or


Can you speed up your metabolism?

Most of us often wonder - What is the magic way to boost or increase my metabolism? Is there an answer for me? Unfortunately the answer is "No" -- there's simply no healthy way to drop 10 pounds in five days. But we can change our metabolism for the better! Understanding more about what determines the rate of your metabolism and some natural ways to support it will make a big difference to your waist size and overall health.



It's time to change the way you think about fat. For a few decades now, well known diet gurus have preached that eating fat makes you fat. We want to tell you that fat, in and of itself, is not what is making you fat! Instead, it's eating too much fat in general, it's the wrong kinds of fat we are concerned about. All fats are not created equal!